Mobile Reiki treatments for people

I provide a mobile service for horses and their human companions throughout the Mid North Coast, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions. All treatments take place in the comfort of your own home or at your equine location, with treatment plans tailored to suit your individual needs. During our initial conversation I’ll discuss treatment options with you and work with you to create a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Please read through the treatment guidelines below, then feel free to contact me for an obligation free chat to discuss how Reiki can be of benefit to you and your horse, or to book an appointment.


General guidelines for Reiki treatments 

Reiki treatments are one hour long and can be for specific healing or general relaxation.  Treatments take place in your home, office setting or equine premises saving you time and money by not having to drive to see me.  All you have to do is set aside a room or some clear space for me to be able to work in, I’ll bring a portable massage table for you to lie on while you receive your treatment and appropriate music to listen to while you relax and enjoy your treatment.

If you have a specific area that you wish to work on or a health issue then I recommend that you book a course of 3 weekly one hour appointments to begin with. The healing effects of Reiki treatments build upon one another when they are given close together and the cumulative effect helps to produce long term beneficial changes for you on many levels.

In some cases, one or two treatments can bring swift results and be all that is needed; in other cases, such as in chronic illness, or long standing conditions, several treatments may be required to improve health.

Reiki treatments for you

Combined Reiki treatments for you and your horse

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Call me on 0404 470 571 to arrange an appointment, or to discuss any questions you may have about Reiki and how it may be of benefit to you or your horse.